by Susie Goodridge 2019

Acrylic on Canvas 

Paintings for Sale

The countryside, ocean and sky are a constant inspiration for me. My challenge is to layer the paint in a way that creates texture that conveys movement. 


  It is the constant motion in the sea, sky and land that intrigues me. Climate changes create storms at sea, rainfall and interesting cloud formations, all of which I am chasing to capture. 

I see the finished painting as holding all of these elements within it and although static perpetually in constant motion. 

Working in The Studio @ Littleworth Cross

Part of the SAOS Trail June 1-16th 2019

To buy a painting you see on this site please contact me via email on  Leave a message and telephone number and a time that is best for you to talk. 


66cm x76cm


California Poolside

70cm x70cm


The Beach

145cm x34cm



79cm x 65cm


Pot Life

102cm x76cm


Caribbean Sea

110cmcm x76cm

Price: £265
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